Our Mission

Jeff is a Certified Integral Master Coach and yoga and meditation teacher. He is dedicated to using mythology, story and archetypes to help others achieve, heal and grow in their personal and professional lives. Learn more at www.thecreativeleap.com.

Contact me anytime to schedule a free 30 minute session. We can explore what coaching methods might best suit your goals.

Coaching available in person or through Skype or Google Hangout.



It's always about you

Each client's coaching program is highly customized to their goals, needs and level of commitment. Our work together is focused on helping you be the best you can be and  achieve the life you want to live.

As a coach, I have no agenda but to assist you in meeting your, as fully and as consciously as you can.

RPG Coaching Program

Use RPG mechanics to meet your goals

Build your skills with customized IRL quests 

Design a personalized "Hero's Journey"

Create your own story 

Turn your passion for gaming into real-life XP