RPG Coaching Program

Use RPG mechanics to meet your goals

Build your skills with customized IRL quests 

Design a personalized "Hero's Journey"

Create your own story 

Turn your passion for gaming into real-life XP

The RPG Coaching Program

Highly customized to each individual's goals and life I designed this program based on years of experience and training as a life coach, working with men's mythopoetic programs, study of philosophy and mythology, and more then a passing familiarity with the mechanics of role playing games. 

The RPG concepts of level building and questing fit well with the accountability and achievement aspects of succeeding in a coaching program. The use of metaphor, Jungian archetypes and harnessing the Hero's Journey into a personal developmental arch help create a richer, more engaging texture to how we view our personal stories and the world around us.

I want to help you create the world you want to live in, to be the hero of your own story, and achieve the goals you want to achieve. 

The RPG Coaching Program is designed to do this using a framework for achievement many professional people, young and old, have experience or familiarity with. 

If RPG style isn't your thing you can find out more about other coaching methods and programs I offer at

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What you get

  • 1 1/2 Hour Planning Session
  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Customized "Character Sheet" to track progress
  • Weekly Email Support (including challenges and quests)
  • Focused and personalized practices
  • Discounts on forthcoming web-based programs including "4 Elements" and "The Hero's Journey"